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[IP] Pregnancy stuff

Hi Lisa and Dori,

Last summer we decided to seriously start thinking about having children.
I've been diabetic for about ten years then so I sort of reviewed all the
diabetic stuff (spoke to a nutritionist, a CDE, changed from an internist to
an endo) and then spoke with a perinatologist to get his feelings on
diabetes and pregnancy - his big thing was to be under a 6.0 A1C before
conception.  With MDI my sugars were swinging like crazy - I don't know if
it was my absorption rate or what because I was eating well, exercising etc.
Then I decided the pump was a better way (started in Nov.) - A1Cs came down
very quickly and then we planned to go off the pill (March/April) - then
bang within a month I was pregnant!!!  So far everything is going well -
Lots of swings in first trimester but they have settled down now.  I have
had three ultrasounds in the first three months and the baby looks good!!  I
fax sugars in weekly (testing about 6-7 times a day) and am on a 1800
calorie diet so I am not carb counting right now - taking fixed bolus' each
meal which is a change - before I got pregnant, after I started pumping I
was carb counting.  But Dr. wants it fixed to watch how much weight I gain
and so that amount of insulin doesn't fluctuate all the time.  I feel very
good with my perinatologist and the nursing staff.  I guess the best thing
is to get in good shape before conception and then realize that it will be
important to be careful and very discplined during the pregnancy (this isn't
a problem for me as I have always tested sugars multiple times a day and
been careful of what I ate).  I am just so excited to be pregnant and
feeling good.  Heard the baby's heartbeat today!!  It will be worth it!!

Good luck - look forward to any other postings about pregnancy stuff...


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