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[IP] Humalog infusion site failure

> Jim, I'm just curious . . . why would the type of insulin (H or R)
> make a difference in how long the site lasts for you? 
Several reasons. Different insulin preparations have differing 
components in their "buffers" or carrier solutions. Some of these, in 
particular the phenol compounds see to cause problems with their 
users. In addition, Humalog is artificially modified compared to 
"standard" insulin with a couple of the pieces "swapped" in their 
position on the chain. This helps give it the fast action, but also 
changes the way it appears to the body. 

The actual cause of the differences in a person's "site" reaction is 
not known, but we speculate that it is a mild allergic reaction to 
something in the Humalog that is unique and not in other insulins or 
their prep components, or some combination of both factors. Suffice 
it to say that the reaction is common enough that up to 5% of the IP 
members may experience it based on the data collected to date from 
hundreds of list members. While this info is ancedotal, the database 
is large enough to definetly say that "something" unusual is going 

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