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Re: [IP] Heart Disease

Bonnie Richardson wrote:
> Since one of the major complications of diabetes is heart disease, for which
> we are all at great risk.  And those of us with high cholestrol or family
> history at even greater risk, I wonder how many of us, particulary women,
> are taking a cholesterol lowering drug?

Hi, Bonnie,

Yep, I'm taking Lipitor, which is a statin drug.  

Reasons, as concisely as I can:

1. I have diabetes (bet you're surprised! :)  )

2. High cholesterol (duh!)  :)

3. My non-diabetic father, with no history of diabetes in his family,
had his first heart attack before the age of 53 and died at 69 of his
5th or 6th.

4. I had a coronary artery spasm at age 44 (definitely pre-menopausal!)
-- like a heart attack (and it left a scar, too), but when they did the
angiogram, my arteries were not clogged.

So, in view of multiple risk factors, it makes sense for me to try to
prevent artery-clogging, especially because I was proven to have good
arteries in 1992, which is when I started on a statin drug. 

There is good evidence that the use of statin drugs DOES lower the
incidence of heart disease -- I don't know if they've looked
specifically at diabetics, but since I know that my chances aren't
improved by doing nothing, I decided to do SOMETHING! This seems like a
good gamble!

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