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Re: [IP] My 508 died :(

I only had one problem with Disetronic's...after a couple of weeks of it
making that "funny motor sound" It kept giving me Error 04 (Occlusion
alarm)...It turned out that Lazy A-- here had not ordered a new piston rod
for a couple of years.  Sending the 'wheezing' pump back they replaced it
and sent 2 piston rods. nary a problem since.
Pommy Mommy.
Jenny S.
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From: "mag0427"
Subject: Re: [IP] My 508 died :(

> Jill, don't be tooo angry. Initially i was very angry too. Matt is on his
> 3rd MM 508!  Yikes!  None were due to no delivery though. Jeez i would of
> panicked even more so. Were all in the same boat.
> Mag

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