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Re: [IP] Blood spurting and other discussions....

It really doesn't happen a LOT with most of us, but picture the little
capilliary vessels as the netting bags used to wrap oranges in the produce
section. This network of vessels is what gives our outer layer the blood and
nurishment it needs, and one is bound to 'nick' a wee vessel now and then.

   It's happened to  the best of us and the feelings described --I feel,
were from the sight of it, and not as a direct result of it.

   It certainly is NOT serious, unless you let it get dirty and infected. a
spot of antibiotic soap, and some triple antibiotic cream smudged onto the
place will set it to rights.

   When I consider a few wee incidents like those, as opposed to the hairy
complications of poorly controlled diabetes, I'll take the wee blood leaks.
No Contest there.
Pommy Mommy.
Jenny S.
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From: "Laura L. Shapiro"
Subject: [IP] Blood spurting and other discussions....

> Ok, I have a weak stomach already and y'all are scaring me.  Please tell
> me this doesn't happen very often, and isn't serious.  Maybe I shouldn't
> read this before I get the pump????

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