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Carb measurement (was RE: [IP] Carb counting?)

Does anyone know what the scientific procedure is for determining carb count?

I seem to remember a very crude experiment in jr. high school general 
science in which we burned something and then measured the heat.  My 
recollection is that this gave us a way to figure out (with jr. high 
school level accuracy) the calories in the thing we burned, but my 
memory is fuzzy and almost certainly wrong.  But what does a lab do 
to measure carbs?

I was at a food coop over the weekend with all kinds of 
healthy-looking foods for sale in bins but where the FDA labels were 
few and far between.  It would be fun if there was a way to figure it 

I guess I could use my son and as a carb-meter using his bg/carb 
ratio, but I don't think that is how the pros do it.

Just curious,
father of Trent, 4, waiting to get his pump hooked up

At 07:35 -0400 8/22/00, Handsfield, James H wrote:
>The carbs per portion of fresh fruit is *always* an estimate because we
>can't control nature to the point of knowing exactly how much sugar is
>contained in the flesh.  Sometimes a medium sized apple will have 18g and
>the next might have 25g.
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