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[IP] Fwd: Freestyle Meter

>From the president of Fifty 50 Pharmacy!  WE need to get on Freestyle Company!


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Hi Robin,

Thank you for the kind words about FIFTY 50 Pharmacy.  I appreciate the time you took to write us about the Freestyle meter.

We pride ourselves on carrying the "latest and greatest" in diabetes care.  We are often the very first pharmacy in the country to have new products when they come out, especially if they are well-suited to pediatric diabetes care.

We're in a bit of a quandry with the Freestyle meter.  Although we think it has some nice features relative to the current meters on the market, the manufacturer has priced it's strips higher than the average reimbursement we receive from insurance companies.  In other words, the strips cost more than insurance companies are willing to pay.

Since we are an "in-network" provider for over 4000 insurance plans, we don't get to set the selling price of the items we carry.  The insurance companies require us to sign contracts agreeing to the reimbursements they set forth (if we want to be in their network).  This system helps keep your premiums down by keeping pharmacies in line with what they charge.

All of the other diabetes manufacturers give us pricing which will allow us to sell their products within this system.  Therasense is the only manufacturer which doesn't.  We've asked them to correct this problem (repeatedly), but they seem unwilling to work with us.

I wish I had a solution for you.  I'd certainly appreciate your vocalization of your desire to purchase their products through FIFTY 50.  Perhaps they'll listen to a customer before they'll listen to a retailer.

Again, thank you for your support of FIFTY 50.

Rick Lynch
President, FIFTY 50 Pharmacy

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