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Re: [IP] Re: Weight Gain--Whining in Colorado

Don't feel bad about the extra weight i too quite smoking (it was 1 year as
of August 15) and about 3 months later i noticed my jeans didn't fit anymore
and all my clothes started to feel tight.  So as much as i didn't want to do
it, i stepped on a scale and i had put on 25 pounds!  Being 24 y/o and
getting married i got completly depressed and angry with myself, but now i
realize how much better i feel and being diabetic it is alot healthier all
around.  But anyway, after 1 year i am finally starting to drop the pounds
(slowly) and i haven't changed anything in my daily schedule (except getting
the pump, so i am eating just alittle less), although i am going to start
walking so that i can shed the pounds just alittle faster.  Congratulations
on quitting, i know how hard it is but don't get discouraged, hang in there!

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> Then, about 18 months ago, I
> quit smoking, knowing that some extra pounds, due to
> change in metabolism and a tendency to eat more during
> withdrawal, could be expected with that. But I was
> assured that it would "level out" and mostly reverse
> itself with time. But WHAM! I gained about 20 pounds
> during the first 3 months, and have not significantly
> lost or gained any weight since then.

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