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[IP] To Curtis-Parent or not parent, who cares?


First off, I am the one in the family that has diabetes and I am proud to say 
almost 33 years without too many awful complications to deal with.  Secondly, 
about two weeks ago I had the opportunity to go to a summer Cub Scout day 
camp with my seven year old.  I never thought that I would (in this 
situation) experience meeting a NEWBIE!!

I happened to be going by a table and overheard a kid telling his mother, 
"But I don't want to test."  Clearly this boy was having a low and his state 
of mind at the time was making him very argumentative.  His mother wanted to 
document it before they treated it.  Well, I went up and said, "I'll test if 
you'll test!" and I proceeded to get out my blood testing machine.  In this 
simple act I found an interesting friendship.  He had been diagnosed just one 
month before and was normally taking 2.5 units of NPH in one pre-breakfast 
shot a day.  That day he had only taken 2.0 units in anticipation of the heat 
(that day it was 100 and extremely humid) and the additional walking we were 
doing at the camp.

We got to talking and each of us found the other interesting.  His mother was 
so happy to meet someone who was as healthy as I after so many years.  He 
took such an admiration for our common bond that once when his group and mine 
met along some paths he ran over to me, gave me a big hug and said, "Here's 
my diabetic buddy!"  And I was amazed at meeting someone so new to this 

At lunch we both were again in the PITS (I was about 45 and he was 56) and 
his mom and I were talking about the carbs in the hamburger bun.  She had 
miscalculated and thought there was more than the 20 there are.  She 
instantly got worried trying to figure out how she would secure some 
additional carbs for him to eat.  I said, "Why don't you let him be a kid and 
get him an Oreo?"  She thought about it, asked him and that is what he ate.  
Two hours later his blood sugar was perfect.

I can't express how happy the glow is in my heart for the whole experience.  
My son (who has ADHD) and I also had a great time together and I handled the 
one day of lows quite well.  I think every now and then how I was raised to 
believe that a high was BAD and have almost stripped that monkey off my back. 
 At times I still fight the guilt trip.  Thank you whomever who has helped 
change people's attitudes about control.  

Thought I would write to you to let you know sometimes I can even find good, 
heart warming experiences because of my diabetes.  It is all the way you look 
at it.

diagnosed 12/67, pumping since 1/84, two healthy boys born 4/90 and 1/93.  
Half way to my goal of being 80 and driving my kids (who are 100% normal) as 
nuts as they are driving me right now.
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