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[IP] gaining weight on the pump

At the risk of
> getting my head blown off by fellow pumpers, it seems
> like in a day in age where there is so much
> information regarding the dangers of obesity, changing
> from shots and a restricted diets to a pump and eat
> whatever/whenever, has some drawbacks.  So, I'm
> curious, have many of you gained weight since starting
> the pump?
> - -Alecia
I actually lost weight when I went on the pump (about eight pounds) because I wasn't eating like crazy every time I had a low insulin reaction.  I used to wake up in the middle of the night often when I was using MDI and I would get so freaked out about being a 40 that I would eat until I felt better (juice, candy, chocolate, etc.)  The pump took care of my lows almost completely!! 
I think the secret of the pump is that you may be able to eat a piece of cake and not go high (feel guilty) but you better not eat the whole cake!!!
Jo (new to the group so I hope I did this right...)