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Re: [IP] Unfortunately, a new one

> Meanwhile, just a general little question:  What is the "shortest
> time" that any of you relatively-new-diabetics-with-Type I have gone
> from shots to the pump? After 6 months with my pump, I know this is
> the only way to go.  Has anyone been put directly on a pump after
> diagnosis or is that still way too new?  

Lily was dx'd in early July 94 and was pumping in December.
If I were to take a wild guess, I'd say 3 months is probably about 
the minimum to adjust to the reality of snacks, schedules, and learn 
about shots, finger pokes, etc..... This is not just for the 
"victim", but for the family as well. Maybe a little longer if it is 
a child on vacation (summer), but when there are schedules to be met 
like school in the morning, sports , etc.... 3 months probably is 
enough to get the message to sink in unless denial sets in. 
Unfortunately this happens also. We know a family that has a young 
girl of 11 that was dx'd at 5. The mom thinks that a pump will solve 
all her problems, but she does not even count exchanges for her child 
who alternates between crashing and being 400+ constantly. Commitment 
on the part of the pump mentor is essential or the therapy will fail.

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