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Re: [IP] Carb counting?

At 02:29 PM 8/21/2000 -0700, Jennifer wrote:
>The rapid acting sugars are
>affecting you. CHO's are not all the same, and even in my 1940's joslin
>diabetes manual, he points out the speed at which the various carbs get into
>the system.
>"Lettuce....as slowly as a child creeps
>Oatmeal and breads....as a child walks
>candy and cakes...as fast as a child runs......."
>Think about the speed at which the 'carbs' are going in.

While this is generally true, the idea that the CHO in candy hits the body 
fastest is no longer current.  Some scientists actually tested this theory 
and found that the CHO in french bread hits the system every bit as fast as 
that in glucose tablets.  They then gauged the rate at which the carbs were 
converted into blood glucose for many different foods and gave each food 
what is called a glycemic index.

There are two different indexes:  one compares a food with white bread, the 
other compares a food with glucose tablets.

You can see a great table of glycemic indexes as Rick Mendosa's Diabetes 
site http://www.mendosa.com/gilists.htm
He includes values for both indexes.


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