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RE: [IP] Carb counting?

Sherry wrote:

>>How long after eating them was this number taken?  I find that I often
at about 1hrs and drop back to normal at 1.5-2 hrs.  Quite the headrush on
humalog.  However others find it is typically more like 2-3hrs.  And
sometiems even more then that.  <<

Depending on time of day, I find that 1-2 hours is when I drop back to
normal after eating something.  I'm a bit sensitive to humalog which
accounts for this.  But I agree with you, you have to give the humalog
enough time to work before you test, if you test too soon, you can get
higher numbers, then if you try to correct, you end up low later.  I learned
all this the hard way.  :o)


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