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Re: [IP] Carb counting?

Carrie wrote:
>>I have just started pumping as of July 25th and so far so good!  My
numbers are finally starting to stablalize but i do not carb count, although
i have talked to my doc about it and i understand it but i do not have any
books about it, YET.  So my question is, i know that most people bolus 1
unit for every 15g (YMMV) of carbs but how do you bolus for the sugar.  The
reason i ask is because while i am at work i love to snack on licorice
(twizzler bite size pieces which i know i should not eat) and 18 pieces is
31g but i know a 2 unit bolus is not going to cover those 18 pieces.  Thank


As it was explained to me... a carb is a carb is a carb, be it sugar or
broccoli.  Granted the nutritional values are much different, and fiber may
have some effect, but if the package says 18 pieces = 31g of carb, then I
would bolus 2u and see what happens.  It's also possible that the 1/15 bolus
amount might not work for you, some folks use 1/10 some use higher such as
1/18.  I use 1/15 and if it was me, I would bolus the 2u for that candy.
Now, how do you know that a 2u bolus is not going to cover that candy, have
you tried it?  The best part of being on a pump, is that you can enjoy
whatever treats you want, just like a regular person, you just have to
remember to bolus for what you eat.  I snack on chocolate (a gal's best
friend!) and eat hershey kisses, reeses peanut butter cups, M&Ms with no
problems with bgs.  (Due to not wanting to gain a lot of weight, I do limit
my amounts, but I don't limit because of diabetes anymore!)  Enjoy... you're
on a pump now.  :o)

BTW, in my opinion, you need to get working on carb counting.  Are you
taking a set bolus amount for each meal and then matching your food to that?
Ugh!  That's just like taking shots!  I wouldn't do that again for the
world!  I think you'll find pumping and life in general much better when you
get the flexibility back in your life again.  My 2 cents worth, and YMMV...

RoseLea and Max...

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