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[IP] Unfortunately, a new one

I'm jumping way ahead, for me, to see where you all are in discussion
because I'm always at least 2 or 3 weeks behind in reading the digests.
Yesterday I lost my "position" in the family as the "only" diabetic when my
15-year-old nephew was diagnosed with Type I. For 50 years I have sworn I
got diabetes after a  mild case of  measles ---no one else in the "family"
had it.  So there may be a little hereditary gene in there after all.  Darn.
It's certainly not the type of "company" I wanted.

After tons of phone calls yesterday I discovered that my extended family has
always believed that diabetes is a relatively "good" thing to have because
"Barbara" doesn't have any problems with it...ie., "thank goodness he wasn't
diagnosed with cancer or something!" they said.....I'm trying to adjust to
their well-meaning comments.  I'm glad I have made it look so easy.

Meanwhile, just a general little question:  What is the "shortest time" that
any of you relatively-new-diabetics-with-Type I have gone from shots to the
pump? After 6 months with my pump, I know this is the only way to go.  Has
anyone been put directly on a pump after diagnosis or is that still way too
new?  Obviously you need to be able to give yourself a shot....  Just a
curious thought.  How fast will my nephew be on the pump...we shall see...

Thanks guys.  It's funny how close you all seem to those of us who don't
often say much-----I hate being way behind all the time but neither can I
stand to throw away tidbits of fascinating information in the list...so all
the digests just sit there unopened on the computer (to my husband's slight
horror) until I get to them...

Barbara (BBB) (my initials, not really for busy,busy,busy)

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