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[IP] Questions about Fasting & Apology!

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Subject: [IP] Questions about Fasting & Apology!

Pumping Insulin I got through Barns and Noble, although you can order it
directly from Torrey Pines Press 800 988 4772 that's probably more direct and

On setting your basal rates he basically he breaks the day up into four segments
based around the main meal. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Sleep. He stresses that
the overnight is the first one to stabilize. No meals or bolus (assuming you are
using Humulog) within four hours of starting the test. You are looking for a
stable or slightly lower BS during the period. I found the process quite helpful
in setting my basal rates. There are quite a number of enhancements in third
edition (June 2000) of the book after reviewing it with my CDE. I highly
recommend the book.

I equate a lot of my success with the pump, its been almost a month now, due to
the knowledge I've gotten from the book. It approaches the pump as a tool to
enable you to be in control. And most importantly the knowledge to control and
use the tool toward that end.

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