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Re: [IP] Ewww....gross

I've said a prayer for you. I hope that the rest of your day looks up from
here. Why don't you e-mail me again in a hour...I'll feel much better when
you do.
Lisa (email @ redacted)

Alecia Wesner wrote:

> Well, woke up at 2am with my bg at 273 and have been
> giving myself .5 unit boluses every few hours since
> then.  By 10 am this morning I've convinced myself
> that I'm getting sick...so i'm all upset, since i'm
> crazy busy right now and can't fathom being sick!  So
> I'm feeling naseaus (happens when my BG's over 240)and
> I'm checking my tubing for air bubbles when I notice
> that the itsy bitsy piece of tubing that you can see
> on the silhouette is pink, NOT clear.  So I have to
> change my set at work, and when I pull it out of
> course the cannula's full of blood and I suddenly feel
> heat up my neck like i'm gonna faint, so i give myself
> a minute and insert the new set and as it's going in,
> I feel overwhelmingly nauseas and my hand is shaking!
> I'm still a little shaken now, but i feel like such a
> wussy wimp!  Grrrrrrr! Well, i have no one here, at
> work, to listen to my b#t*@ing, so thanks IP list!
> A light headed, woozy, frustrated, -Alecia
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