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[IP] Ewww....gross

Well, woke up at 2am with my bg at 273 and have been
giving myself .5 unit boluses every few hours since
then.  By 10 am this morning I've convinced myself
that I'm getting sick...so i'm all upset, since i'm
crazy busy right now and can't fathom being sick!  So
I'm feeling naseaus (happens when my BG's over 240)and
I'm checking my tubing for air bubbles when I notice
that the itsy bitsy piece of tubing that you can see
on the silhouette is pink, NOT clear.  So I have to
change my set at work, and when I pull it out of
course the cannula's full of blood and I suddenly feel
heat up my neck like i'm gonna faint, so i give myself
a minute and insert the new set and as it's going in,
I feel overwhelmingly nauseas and my hand is shaking! 
I'm still a little shaken now, but i feel like such a
wussy wimp!  Grrrrrrr! Well, i have no one here, at
work, to listen to my b#t*@ing, so thanks IP list!
A light headed, woozy, frustrated, -Alecia

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