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Hello Michelle,
You have not offended. That is in the back of my mind
as well. We have restricted her kitchen privledges
only as a parenting punishment because she lied to us,
and can't be led to believe she can do so in the
future. She's still getting her snacks. We have spoken
to parents who have a five year old boy who just went
on the pump. It seems his appetite increased as well.
The humalog goes through kids this young quite
quickly, and increases their appetite. I think this
whole thing is more a parenting issue though. Her new
baby sister, she's starting Kindergarten in Sept, Mom
is a Teacher and will be going back to work Sept, her
Summer stunk bigtime (camp cut short because of the
pump, we didn't do many things exciting), could be
still dealing with the 12/99 Dx'd, & being five and
wanting to act like 15. My wife and I show no reaction
anymore when she tells us about eating something
(every few days), and we cover her for the snack. We
are hoping it will pass soon, but our son is right in
the middle of his terrible twos, and we are waiting
for that to be over soon. We don't won't to make food
an issue, and give her lots of choices. In the past
when she couldn't eat (on injections with high BG's),
we gave her choices of free foods to pick. We will
still keep an eye on her to see how this will
progress, and notify her CDE when she's back from
vacation. Thanks for your thoughts.

Hello Kevin
I am going on my soap box....Please use caution with
trying so hard to 
your daughter about sneaking food. It sounds like she
already has 
around food and making food an even bigger issue will
only increase the 
that in 5-10 years she will develop a serious eating
disorder. If your 
will work with you try to get your daughter to tell
you before she 
takes a 
treat...at least then you can make sure he gets a
bolus for what she 
will eat 
any way. Try to downplay the off limit feel to food
because all the 
data says that this mentality quadruples the
likelihood of Anorexia, 
or a Diabetic specific eating disorder developing in
As someone recovering from ANorexia and having been
diabetic for over 
years I am super sensitive to this subject. Please
save your daughter 
living the nightmare so many young diabetic women have
had to live 
through as 
adolescents with eating disorders.
I hope I have not offended.
Smile Michelle T

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