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Re: [IP] Re: MODYs, LADAs and c-peptides

Natalie wrote:
>Did he tell you WHY he thought you were a MODY? Do you have a strong
>family history of MODY? Were you overweight? Did he know what MODY and
>LADA are? (A lot of docs haven't a clue!)

I think he knows what a MODY is but, just because I was 23 instead of 53 said MODY. I have never heard of LADA until yesterday. I was not overweight, actually was right in range for my height, and no I am the only person in my immediate family with diabetes - other than great great grandparents who were thin with type 2 very late in life (90s) and a third cousin. I worry that I have passed this on to my daughter.

>Again, has she told you why she thinks that? I don't know what ISF
>stands for, but what are your carb ratios? How much insulin do you take
>every day? 

ISF is Insulin Sensitivy Factor - mine is 47. For breakfsat my ratio is 1:16, lunch is 1:13 and dinner is 1:15 - right now I take between 43-48 units of Humalog per day.

>MODYs can vary tremendously in how much insulin they make, and how much
>insulin they need. That's because MODY is the result of a genetic error
>in the cellular machinery that makes insulin, and so, while the beta
>cells are still alive, they don't respond to blood glucose levels
>appropriately. There are several different kinds of MODY, all due to
>different genetic defects, but none of them are auto-immune, as Type 1
>On top of the genetic beta cell defects in MODY, a person can also have
>insulin resistance, which occurs in approximately 25% of the general
>population (Type 1's can have insulin resistance, as well). So the
>amount of insulin required, and the carb ratio will vary. 

I was on Avandia, but my doctor pulled me off of that as we didn't see any result.

Thanks for your help - Sharon Spadaro
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