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[IP] Parent or not parent, who cares?

I don't care if you are a parent or not, when you post.  I try to absorb
what sounds good to me.  Some people have insight and sensitivities that
make their parenting comments invaluable.  Sometimes it is because they
remember the experience as a kid, sometimes it is from parenting, sometimes
it is from an open heart.

I will sift through the rubbage to find the gems.

Parents can be to myopic and non-parents can be too theoretical.  In the
end, i have to apply it to myself and my kid.

When my child was first diagnosed, I called two friends and asked them how
to raise a D kid.  They both gave me the exact same advice.  Don't measure
everything all of the time, and get the kid in charge of as much as possible
as soon as possible.  One of these friends was a single 25 yr old and the
other was a 70 yr that has had D since 9 yrs of age and parent to 4.  He has
most of his vision and all of his limbs and own organs.

Living with this condition must be hell.  I know that being a parent of
someone with it is.

Curtis Lomax,

 who poked his finger tonight.  It hurts, I don't care what my kid says.

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