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[IP] Questions about Fasting & Apology!

Sorry folks for sending out that last message to the entire list...my mistake.

I am wondering however, about fasting to better set bolus rates.  I tried to 
order the Pumping Insulin book as suggested but it was back ordered for 3 wks 
by amazon.com... So I am wondering about the specifics....if you are trying 
to set your basal from noon until 5 for example would you fast only during 
that time or make sure that any insulin/food consumption had halted 2 hours 
before (at 10am)?  My CDE shrugs it off whenever I suggest that this might be 
a good step to setting up a more specific basal profile.  Personally I find 
it hard sometimes to know whether I somehow slightly miscalculated my lunch 
bolus or my bs was on the rise anyway from an insufficient basal rate.

Thanks everyone and sorry again for bothering you with the earlier 
"vegetarian" post!

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