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[IP] Re: Medicare and Pumps was (c-peptide)

Natalie A. Sera wrote:
> Well, so far as I know, the Medicare regulations specifically state that
> the C-Peptide must be under 0.5. Seems to me that this regulation was
> written this way to make sure that Type 2's could not get pumps, partly
> because of the expense of pumping, and partly because Type 2's make up
> the VAST majority of diabetics on Medicare, and if a significant
> percentage of them opted to go with the pump, it would cost a bundle.
> Most insurance companies model their plans after Medicare -- if Medicare
> approves something, they will, too, so I expect to see that kind of
> C-Peptide limitation written into more and more policies.

Since I agree with this, I wonder what Medicare's approach will be when
MiniMed introduces their disposable pump designed and intended for type 2s.
Perhaps the cost of them will be be less objectionable.

John Kinsley
Type 1 - 1956
MM 507 -  6/9/98

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