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Re: [IP] Vegetarian Pumper

Thanks for the information Michelle. I have a few questions for you!  If for 
example I am trying to calculate carbs for a veggie burger that has on the 
label 18g carbs and 23g of protien do I consider the protien in any way?  I 
mean would I just bolus for 18g or for more?? Sorry I just haven't figured 
this out yet (how to deal with grams of protien).  Also do you know of any 
good resources on the carb counts of vegetarian foods?  I generally eat a lot 
less prepackaged food than many folks but carb counting on the pump has 
definately diverted me to those neat packaged foods that have all the info on 
the label!  A lot of the carb counting lists assume that one never eats 
enough veggies to amount to anything and that simply isn't the case with my 

Many,many thanks! 
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