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[IP] Re: Food for thought

> ...............<snip>.........................At the risk of
> getting my head blown off by fellow pumpers, it seems
> like in a day in age where there is so much
> information regarding the dangers of obesity, changing
> from shots and a restricted diets to a pump and eat
> whatever/whenever, has some drawbacks.  So, I'm
> curious, have many of you gained weight since starting
> the pump?
> - -Alecia

I also have given a lot of thought to this possible effect of using a pump.
I know a few pumpers who have gained weight after going on the pump.
However, weight gain is not unique to the pump.  Many who tighten their
control with MDI also gain weight.  When I began pumping I lost a
considerable amount of weight despite the freedom to eat whatever and
whenever I wanted because I still eat less now than when I was eating to
cover the peaks of my injected insulin on MDI.  I guess it depends on which
freedom you enjoy the most.  Freedom to eat - or freedom to not eat.

John Kinsley
Type 1 - 1956
MM 507 -  6/9/98

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