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[IP] odd cannula insertion

Hi group,

I haven't posted or read too many digests (but I do know that Sara SP is
now on the digest version like me!) in the last 2 weeks, because I was
away, and my computer's hard drive had problems. But I had a weird
experience inserting a sil 10 days ago. I put it in slightly lower than
usual, about 3 inches to the right of my navel and almost 2 inches
below. Angle around 20 degrees. It hurt quite a bit putting it in, and I
was tempted to pull it out right away. But I was tired already, so I
decided I was just being a "wimp" and left it in. Well, I could feel its
every twist and turn (unusual also for me), and began to get a bit
disoriented, shaky, and very weak. I was sweating profusely. Finally,
after about 15 minutes of this, and feeling worse all the time (dizzier
as well), I took it out, and there was a spurt of blood that came out
after it. I actually had to lie down for about 30 minutes before I felt
"up" to inserting another cannula (with fear and trepidation, I might
add). The next day I had a black and blue mark about 7/10 of an inch in
diameter, and it is still red to this day.

Has anyone had a similar experience? What happened, and how can I avoid
it? (I will say, too, that my blood pressure tends to be on the low
side, and have come near fainting a few times with various medical
procedures--the flourescein dye (sp) procedure for the eye; another time
when they put some kind of pressure gizmo on my eye in the hospital
prior to a major surgery, etc.) It was definitely scary--I was almost



P.S. I've had 3 "normal" insertions since then, so my confidence level
is a bit higher...

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