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[IP] Re: insurance questions on "supplemental supplies" 425

"Blue Cross Blue Shield traditional considers my pump and its supplies to be
"supplemental health supplies."  They are covered at 80/20% and the IV tape
is not covered at all."

Below is an excerpt from the NJ  law about insurance companies and coverage for
diabeties treatement from ADA's Advocacy
web site. The site is at
The word "appurtenances"  means accessories. I the law says nothing about
supplemental supplies. I think you should challange
BC/BS through your states department of corporations or whoever manages
insurance programs for the state.
You also might see if the ADA's advocacy folks can help. Good luck

                          January 1, 1996

                          Every individual health insurance
                          policy providing hospital or medical
                          expense benefits.

                   Who is

?Any person covered.?

                          If recommended or prescribed by a
                          physician or nurse practitioner/clinical
                          nurse specialist - BGMs, including
                          those for the legally blind, test strips
                          for glucose monitors and visual
                          reading and urine testing strips,
                          insulin, injection aids, cartridges for
                          the legally blind, syringes, insulin
                          pumps and appurtenances thereto,
                          insulin infusion devices, and oral
                          agents for controlling blood sugar.