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[IP] Diabetics prone to liver disease?

I've been having some fairly high liver enzyme values lately.  They went up
after I took two months regimen of Sporonox, an oral fungicide.  I asked for
a scrip to lose a fungal infection in a toenail.  It took care of the fungal
infection, but my alkaline phosphatase value went from 70 (in Nov. 99) to
770 (in March 00)  The normal range is 60-120 and two other enzyme values
quadrupled as well.

These readings alarmed my docs, who sent me for ultrasounds and c-t scans
(which were inconclusive, thank the Lord), and more blood work.  As time
goes on, and I have quit the Sporonox, the values are receding (A-P 221 this
month, close to normal on the other ones).  The doc said he'll do another
blood draw in one month and maybe do a liver biopsy.  It's all kind of

My Hepatologist also suggested that as a diabetic, I am prone to liver
disease.  He told me to stop drinking any alcohol because as it converts
directly to fat, it deposits fat in my liver and additionally harms liver

The maker of Sporonox warns that the drug may cause liver problems in people
with liver disease.  But I never had liver disease before taking it.

Richard Aleksander

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