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[IP] Re: MODYs, LADAs and c-peptides

>Lesliejgs wrote:
> I was diagnosed T2 in '96, but seem to have moved from T2 to T1, well,
> rather from trying to not be insulin dependent to being insulin
> dependent. My doctor suggested an insulin pump at my last appointment.
> I never really thought I was a candidate because of being T2, but I have
> been on various oral meds, and am now on Glucophage(1000mg2xday) and
> actos(45mg1xper day) and N insulin, 20-25 u per day,but my bg levels
> still rise during the day. I was not overweight when I was diagnosed.

> Natalie A. Sera wrote:
>This one is a hot button of mine. Just because you were in your 30's
>when diagnosed does NOT make you a Type 2. 
>All the orals in the world won't help a failing pancreas, if it's being
>destroyed by an autoimmune process.  
>And if you were not overweight at diagnosis, so what made your doc think you were Type 2?
>In adults, Type 1 can progress slowly, and there is a group of people
>who have something called LADA -- Late-onset Auto-immune Diabetes in
>Adults. You don't even have to be thin at diagnosis to have this (ask
>Jim Handsfield!). 
>I'm sorry that you have had to suffer so long -- and I'm frustrated
>because your doc so obviously pigeonholed you 

I posed this question last week, but no one gave a response, so, I'll ask again - I was diagnosed in 1990 at age 23. My doc called me a MODY - mature onset diabetes in youth and he said my c-peptide showed that I was indeed a type 2 - however one month later (after trying to control on diet alone) I was put on insulin. Maybe I am really a LADA instead of a MODY? Now, just recently my CDE said she thinks I am type 1 due to my ISF and my carb ratios. Can you tell from these numbers? Can your c-peptide become lower as your islet cells fail? Should I ask my doc AGAIN to redo my c-peptide and reclassify me for insurance purposes? I already have my pump and they pay for it 100%, but I see all these people posting about their c-peptides being too high for coverage. I'm starting to get a little scared that if I lose my job I won't get insurance. Thanks for any replies.... Sharon Sp
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