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[IP] [Fwd: 10 times your weight]

RoseLea wrote:

> I don't know if you're being serious or not... LOL

> >I think the article failed to mention (you didn't forget, did you?) that
> >the weight it refers to is what you weigh after you starve to death... 
> I am virtually NEVER serious.

Hey you guys, I didn't think this was offensive. I meant it to be
If I did offend anyone I am very sorry. If I ever DO mean to offend you
I think you will know right away.

I suspect that the "straight faced" humor comes from my dad who would
always keep a straight face when kidding us kids. I learned to
appreciate that subtle delivery of humor and NOW on the internet (where
you cannot SEE my face) I sometimes forget to indicate that I am
I am NEVER offended by anyone who asks, since I understand the problem.
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