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[IP] Re: insurance questions on "supplemental supplies"

Blue Cross Blue Shield traditional considers my pump and its supplies to be 
"supplemental health supplies."  They are covered at 80/20% and the IV tape 
is not covered at all.
I have incurred quite a  hefty bill and was wondering how to go from here.  
In new jersey, we don't have the law the California has, which is mentioned 
on here, so i hope someone has some insight.
I know that 20% doesn't sound bad, or high, but since the pump ran me close 
to $6,000 and I owe 20% of that, plus 20% of my supplies for 8 months, I owe 
a heck of a lot of money.  And I'm a single teacher with no other source of 
income.  Sigh.
However, my medical prescriptions are either $5 or free at this point!  What 
is up with that logic???
I have spoken to BC/BS representatives and they kept repeating that these 
supplies are SUPPLEMENTAL SUPPLIES so they are covered differently.
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