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[IP] Growth and DM

OK, I'm VERY behind in my digests, but wanted to add my story.

David wrote:  (email @ redacted)

Along with the thread on height and diabetes, I am 6 feet and was diagnosed 
when I was 5 yrs old.  However, my birth weight was excessive ( 9#, 13 
oz).  Just wondering if others who were dx'ed early, like me, were larger 
at birth than "normal".

Sally (DizzyDG) writes:

I was premature and weighed in at 4 lbs 11 oz.  I got IDDM at age 20 months 
after a bout with the mumps.  My Mom told me that I was a very placid baby -- 
I didn't start walking until I was 18 months old.  
My family doctor referred my parents to a doctor who specialized in treating 
children with IDDM, Dr. Paul L. Barclay.  His daughter had been diagnosed 
early, that is why he specialized in diabetes.

I don't remember all the details and can't ask my parents because they are 
both gone from this world, but I remember Dr. Barclay talking about "diabetic 
dwarfs" and being put on a high protein diet. I remember him talking about 
it, so I KNOW I wasn't put on the high protein diet at onset.  I must've been 
in grade school, because I remember at lunch I had to have 90 grams of meat, 
(which is about 4 slices of lunchmeat), that was a LOT for me -- I was a VERY 
slow eater anyways. Lunchtime was always hard for me in school.
These were the days of urine tests and the 
every-3-month-prick-of-the-finger-with-the-lancet-from-h*** at the doctors 
office.  It tore my finger up.
I started menstration at 12 or 13.  My hands are pretty small.  My 11 and 12 
year old daughters have bigger hands than me, and they both wear a bigger 
shoe size than me.  I wear a 6.5 or a 7 and they wear a 7.5 and 8.0 
I'm 5' 4" tall.  My 12 year old is my height. (Soon to be taller than me!)
I'm the same height that my Mom was and my Dad was 6'.  Two siblings are of 
"average" height and one sis is 5' 11" and another brother who is 6' 5". So . 
. . all-in-all I don't know if the high protein diet helped me out or if I 
just got the "small" genes of the family.
Go figure.  Thanks for listening.

Sally =o)
IDDM for 35 of my 37 years
Assimilated : 7 December 1999
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