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Re: [IP] hasta la vista

Rev. Randall Winchester wrote:

>>One of the key benefits of
this type of group is not the agreement on issues and topics but the fact
we can hear viewpoints from people who disagree completely or have had
different results with the same ideas that we've tried...  and hopefully
we can keep the exchanges civil.  If everyone agreed with me we'd all be
right <vbg!> but it would be extremely boring...<<

I'm with you, Randall.  I think we all need to "agree to disagree" in a
civil manner, too.  We can't all be 100% in agreement with each other since
we all come from different backgrounds and different life experiences.  I
have come to enjoy Sara's comments, even if I don't agree with her, and she
sometimes has a dry sense of humor that some might take the wrong way, but I
appreciate her comments.  I'm sorry to lose you, Sara SP (the name says it
all *wink*)... I wish you'd reconsider.


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