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[IP] To Eat or Not to Eat

Kap's endo assistant straight out and told me not to feed Kap if he didnt 
want to eat.
She said that was the purpose of the pump.  
Sorry, but Kap will be feed even if it is a Resse Cup - it has peanut butter. 
 Kap is underweight and needs to put on some #s.  If he gets a little cold, 
he will drop 5#s and it is hard to get it back on his skinny but solid legs.
Kap is 10 - he needs to eat - I thought it was standard in nutrition to eat 6 
small meals a day.  Or 3 normal meals.
Yes, he has D, but he is also a growing child that needs food for growth, 
energy and growth.  Just because he has the pump doesnt mean, I dont need to 
stop feeding him if he isnt hungry at lunch.  Everyone knows sometimes you 
don't want to eat until you take a bit then the brain kicks in and says Yeah, 
feed me some more!
The dark circles under his eyes after he has lost that 5#s - tells me to feed 
him and not allow skipped meals.  He seems to lose weight in his face first.  
Those dark circles are a sure clue there is weightloss.
Do other parents have their children eat normal meals - at least some.  
Thanks for listening!
Darlene - Mom to Kap - age 10 - pumping 1/19 - hba1c of 8.9
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