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Re: [IP] Re: pregnancy and diabetes

I now have a one year old.  I've had pump for 18 years.  Successful and not
too difficult very high risk pregnancy.  You can email me if you'd like more
info.  No, I never found that book though I kept looking.

As for the protein rich snack before bed:  well, if it is based on something
in your bs or diet that makes you require this, yes.  But this is not an
absolute.  One of the two main dieticians I saw while pregnant (and who was
pregnant herself) discourages pumpers from eating bed time snacks, late
dinners or heavy protein/fat dinners since then the food digests in the
middle of the night and it is difficult to cover correctly.  This may or may
not be true for you.  Also, there is a good bit of controversy about just how
much protein pregnant and diabetic women need.  The latest agreement is a
little more (not the old a lot more) than average (there are charts with
these numbers -- I can't reach mine at the moment).  The protein-rich large
snack thing is also a type II/gestational diabetes pregnancy thing -- a
problem, since most pregnancy and diabetes stuff is not based on long term
type 1 diabetics (and it does work a somewhat differently).  As for fruit
with breakfast, if you take your bolus at the correct time and you dose it
correctly then no, your bg shouldn't shoot up any more with fruit than
anything else.  Cereal is one of the highest glycemic indexes foods and I did
find that when I was pregnant I had trouble getting it to work so I just
stopped trying.    Second trimester was, to me, easier than the first.
Remember the point is to eat healthy and well balanced food while keeping
your bgs as absolutely even as possible.  Other than that, there isn't any
absolute right course of treatment.

Best of luck!

Hope that helps a little.


email @ redacted wrote:

> Hey, I'm 3 months pregnant now, and all is going well. But, I'm wondering
> if there is a book specifically on pregnancy and diabetes? Lots of the
> pregnancy books I have deal with diabetes briefly, but I'd like something
> more in detail. Especially because my endo seems to think of specifics
> kinda late. Like yesterday he told me I NEED to be eating a protein-rich,
> large snack before going to bed. I would've done this before, but I
> didn't know. Also, I'm not supposed to have fruit with breakfast (and I
> really miss it) because it would shoot me up too high. Does anyone know a
> book or even a pamphlet that would deal with these issues? I'm getting a
> little frustrated in not knowing.
> Thanks,
> Maureen M.
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