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Re: [IP] 10 times your weight

Nick, where did that come from?? I'd like to see the article itself.
   It isn't as scientific, but you take the weight you want to be, (me 155),
and that means I would eat 1,550 cals....then I take into account BMI and
fat percentage, and work those calories in if I need to add...I think that
may be the way they get some data, but it's a pretty morbid thing to say on
the list,
The whole point was that people are trying to get a quick fix in losing
weight and it ain't gonna happen....full stop.
   I actually go through 2,500 cals a day for a time, and other days, will
eat less than what I should.....But my weekly average is 2,150 and I'm doing
very well........And still very much alive! Thanks <G>.
Pommy Mommy.
Jenny S.
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From: "Nick Trubov"
> I think the article failed to mention (you didn't forget, did you?) that
> the weight it refers to is what you weigh after you starve to death.

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