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[IP] pumping near Baton Rouge? or buddy?

I'm getting a little frustrated.  I love this list-- after subscribing a 
month, I've gotten alot of very good advice and ideas--the best ever was 
getting a copy of Pumping Insulin, which made me realize that as much as I 
thought I knew, there are very clear ways I can improve, first of all by 
resetting all my basal rates, which have gotten confusing and confused during 
an extremely erratic summer.  Also I had lots of kind and helpful advice on 
aspects of the cataract surgery.  But I'd really like to get together with 
some folks *live*--I don't do the chats because sitting in front of the 
computer too much is bad for me.  Lately it drives my surgeried-eye berserk.
This is a long way of saying, are there any pumpers on this list in the Baton 
Rouge area who might be willing to meet live occasionally?  We wouldn't have 
to commit to starting a group right away--just start small, see what happens. 
 Alternatively, is there anyone who might be about to start the Pumping 
Insulin basal-and-bolus resetting work who'd like to be a "buddy" and work as 
a duet, exchanging daily private e-mails as we mutually do the work described 
in Pumping Insulin?  I'd like someone to sort it out with, and to motivate 
each other.  Please respond privately, and thanks.

email @ redacted
IDDM 30 yrs., dx age 10, pumping 1 year
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