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Re: [IP] amount of insulin & weight

I don't think going on a pump automatically makes you gain or lose weight,
any more than having functioning islet cells automatically makes you gain or
lose weight.  I do know that when I was on MDI, any efforts I made to lose
weight were made hellish by constantly going low (and then being high after
I took in calories to compensate) if I tried to eat less, and I felt like
exercise wasn't worth the effort when it just made me go low and I ended up
with the exercise having a net effect of about 10 calories once I ate to
function again.

It is true that since pumping, I'm taking far less insulin than I was
before, and it is also true that not HAVING to eat when I'm not hungry or
HAVING to eat because my blood sugar is low is making weight loss possible
now.  I can also exercise without having to take on more calories, which has
helped a lot as well.  The other factor that is helping me is that doses can
be adjusted by 0.1 u instead of 1 u at a time -- I'm very sensitive to small
changes in insulin dosages, so adjusting doses when I was on MDI was a
roller-coastering nightmare as far as my BGs went.

On a pump, it's finally true that if I eat less and exercise more, I lose
weight.  This is a very liberating experience for me.

Just my experience,

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