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Re: [IP] Food for thought

Sara wrote:

>>It is also called starvation ketosis and it was very popular in the 70s on
the protein diets.  When your body gets little to no carb to run on, it
WAYYYYY down...and ultimately resorts to burning muscle and organ tissue,
as a VERY VERY last resort....fat.  It wants to hold ONTO that fat for as
LONG as possible cuz it KNOWS youa re starving...My dad did this diet back
then...he used more of my keto diastix than I did, as one of the signs that
the diet was "workgin" was that you spilled ketones.<<

I read somewhere in a magazine that you should not eat less calories than 10
times your body weight.  Now, with my weight that means I should eat about
1,650 calories per day, and if I ate that, I would definitely get to eat
more and more, since my weight would keep increasing.  :o)  I eat
approximately 1200-1400 calories per day, which is by no means a starvation
diet, but still can't lose weight.   And, I have never spilled keytones.
Endo says it's my very deficient metabolism since all thyroid tests have
come back normal.  Go figure.


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