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Re: [IP] amount of insulin

Sara SP wrote:

>>I think I went from about 40 units a day to about 30-33, so about a 25%
 so I was probably chasing fewer lows with cookies...But I must
reiterate...being forced to write it down, so I could look at the cho grams
and add them up, really made me NOT want to eat...<<

And one other deterrent for me to to overindulge is "what, it's 4u of
insulin for THAT?"  I'd rather not eat it.  LOL  One example is, I went into
the store and saw a bag of candy... cherry slices.  I looked at the label
and saw that 3 pieces of this candy  = 37g of carb!  Wow, I can eat a lot
more good stuff and have it be less than 37g of carb.  Needless to say,  I
didn't buy the candy.  :o)  I think making us look at the labels is also a
deterrent.  But, some days, we just need a chocolate fix... *sigh*


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