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Re: [IP] Re: the pump and weight loss/gain

Jim S. wrote:

>>Is it possible that those (at least some) who lost weight after going on
the pump
are taking substantially more insulin while on shots?<<

I think this is true, Jim.  I took about 40u per day of a mixture of NPH and
R.  Now on the pump, I normally take about 30u per day (unless I have a real
"pig out" day.  ;o)).  Everytime I tried to decrease the insulin on MDI,
however, highs were the result.  I think that for me, I had a lot of
problems with absorption from the shots, which resulted in unpredictable
bgs.  I can remember days when no matter what I did I couldn't get my bg
over 50.  And days when there was no reason, constant highs.  But I never
developed keytones, never got high enough to do so, and didn't want to,
actually, not even to lose a pound or two.  Too big a price to pay.  This no
longer happens with the pump, absorption for me is more consistent and my
bgs are more level.  No extreme highs or lows.  The pump is definitely the
better way to go, for me.  :o)


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