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Re: [IP] Relate Tennis Ball to Complex Carbs - not Protein

> Now help me eyeball a plate of pasta.
> Package says 1/8 is a serving (dry)
> What should I do, count out the pasta into eight groups - cook his portion to 
> know the carbs in 1/8 box of dry pasta.
> Those pasta people need to get with it - and give it to me in actual cooked 
> carbs.

We've aways found it easier to do pasta by volume if its spagetti or 
noodles or by % of the whole if it is something like lasagne.

The volume method works well when cooking times are not consistent since 
the weight of the cooked material varies a lot, but the volume doesn't 
very much at all. Most pastas are pretty much the same in carb value when 
cooked and measured this way. The easyiest way to calibrate is to cook up 
a whole package/box and measure it by volume. I can't exactly now (Lily 
does it all now), but it seems to me that a 16 oz package of almost 
anything cooks up to about 7 cups of drained pasta. This will work in a 
resturant. Just use an empty water glass to measure if you don't want to 
guestimate by eyeballing a serving.

> And while, I am on the subject.  Stupid?
> Does it matter how long the pasta is cooked - could cooking time alter the 
> carb count.  It just seems to me pasta that is cold appears to be more 
> starchy!

It absorbs more water and gets heavier, but the carbs and volume don't 
change much, just the weight for a given volume.

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