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[IP] Food for thought

I second Jennifer's thoughts:
>  if we do not eat enough calories for the body's demand, our 
> metabolism slows down into a "starvation mode". Where it will try 
> to conserve every calorie it can get. simply because we eat too little.  

It is also called starvation ketosis and it was very popular in the 70s on 
the protein diets.  When your body gets little to no carb to run on, it slows 
WAYYYYY down...and ultimately resorts to burning muscle and organ tissue, and 
as a VERY VERY last resort....fat.  It wants to hold ONTO that fat for as 
LONG as possible cuz it KNOWS youa re starving...My dad did this diet back 
then...he used more of my keto diastix than I did, as one of the signs that 
the diet was "workgin" was that you spilled ketones.

You can have PERFECT blood sugars too...So you may think you are doing fine 
on 1000 calories a day...bgs are well within range, but your brain alone 
needs about 150 g of cho a day just to FUNCTION...that is 600 calories right 
there...moving your butt around the house and to work and after kids probably 
needs a few more!!!  

I keep trying to remind myself of this....eat eat eat...endo has promsied me 
a gluco watch if i promise to eat more during the day..

>  like trying to run the Queen ElizabethII on 2 pints of Salad oil
>  per day.  

ROTFLMAO...thanks for the giggle...

Sara  who KNOWS all her carbs shouldn't come from Ben and jerry;s but dammit 
she has those lonely-friday-night-alone-with-the-computer blues!!!
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