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[IP] amount of insulin

Jim asked: 
>  Is it possible that those (at least some) who lost weight after 
> going on the pump are taking substantially more insulin while 
> on shots?

I think I went from about 40 units a day to about 30-33, so about a 25% drop? 
 so I was probably chasing fewer lows with cookies...But I must 
reiterate...being forced to write it down, so I could look at the cho grams 
and add them up, really made me NOT want to eat...isn't one of the things 
about weight watchers is that they have you write it down?  keeping a good 
diary, time you ate, what you ate, why you ate, often gives you great 
personal insight to whatever bad eating habits you (read = "I") may have

NYC Sara SP who is CRAVING Ben and Jerry;s.....but there isn't an all night 
deli out here in BROOKLYN within walking distance....
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