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[IP] weight loss/gain

email @ redacted wrote
>  it's fascinating to see that so many on here have LOST WEIGHT 
> with the pump; i just can't see it, since every calorie is covered 
> with insulin, whereas with the shots, some highs + ketones would 
> naturally cause us to lose weight!

well actually insulin facilitates the usage of teh glucose in our blood.  If 
we eat LESS than we need, for example if we are working out, then our body at 
some point will turn to our stored fat to use as energy.  If we eat more than 
we need, then it gets saved fat later...as fat.  I think the simple act of 
writing down what you eat MAKES you eat less...hence you lose weight...when 
you (read: "I") don't write down what i eat....I eat more...and gain weight.

It is a very fine line between using the readily available sugar in our blood 
and getting to the fat.  the body senses a drop in blood sugar and tells teh 
liver to dump in glycagen to keep us going, which is why so many of us report 
REALLY high bg AFTER a workout..We have to keep enough sugar in the blood to 
keep the brain from talking to the liver, but not so much that we don't get 
to those fat stores...god, what would I give for some kind of meter that 
tells me when I am burning fat adn when I am subsisting on glycagen!!

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