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[IP] Relate Tennis Ball to Complex Carbs - not Protein

Ok, guys - you did very well helping me understand the protein side of the 
exchange list.
Now help me eyeball a plate of pasta.
Package says 1/8 is a serving (dry)
What should I do, count out the pasta into eight groups - cook his portion to 
know the carbs in 1/8 box of dry pasta.
Those pasta people need to get with it - and give it to me in actual cooked 
And while, I am on the subject.  Stupid?
Does it matter how long the pasta is cooked - could cooking time alter the 
carb count.  It just seems to me pasta that is cold appears to be more 
I currently use the Restaurant Guide Book for counting pasta.

Darlene - Mom to Kap - Whose Mom doesn't like to cook will say,"Grab the 
Restaurant Guide and Let's go out to eat, I don't know the carbs in that 
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