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Re: [IP] Sneaking Food, more thoughts, & disagree with Sara SP

In a message dated 8/18/00 7:51:46 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< Take my word for it, parenting is really unique, 
complex and completely different from any other job on earth.  If you haven't 
been there, done that, you are only guessing.  >>

Hey Lindsay, since you seem receptive to differing viewpoints, I'll go ahead 
and add my thoughts to another of your posts <gr>.  (not disagreeing, 
exactly).  I raised 2 very different children, myself, and I would 
particularly say about raising the elder that "if you haven't been there, 
done that, you are only guessing".  Raising my second wouldn't have helped 
you much at all <gr>.  Since neither was diabetic, my only personal knowledge 
is from the child's vantage point about parenting a diabetic child, but I am 
pretty sure it would have been a very different experience raising my elder 
as a diabetic vs. raising my younger as a diabetic. 

I have enjoyed your posts on the subject, and, as always, feel great 
admiration for all you parents who are making such efforts to provide your 
children with the best possible care.

Linda Z
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