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[IP] Re: Does the pump always make a difference?

I'm glad to "hear" this! It hasn't made a bit of difference in my
9(almost10)yo daughter's A1C either! I wasn't expecting a miracle
(I knew from being on here that it might not improve
dramatically) but I did think it would be slightly better. Her
2nd pumping A1C was actually higher than her 1st pumping A1C - (I
think they were 8.1 and 8.8) - despite improved control/better
overall bg's. Go figure!
My friend here in town, whose 8yo son started pumping a couple of
weeks after my daughter (we use the same dr), just quit the pump
indefinitely and put her son back on shots. She did so because
his A1C did the same thing as my daughter's. They had also been
having problems with sets staying in but finally got that
resolved. She just decided it wasn't working and wasn't worth it
anymore after all that work but higher A1C. I was sad to hear
this, but it's her decision!  

Liz Davis said:
For me it didn't change my A1C much 

Take care, Kerri, alulitsuti (mother of many children) due 4/12
"Don't let yesterday use up too much of today." Cherokee proverb
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