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Re: [IP] Sneaking Food, more thoughts, & disagree with Sara SP

I can't resist another posting on this issue.  I actually am having second 
thoughts about the idea of putting the five year old back on shots.  Even if 
you do it in a nice way, just to reduce the short term stress from the pump, 
there has to be a better solution.  After all, the child secretly ate on 
shots as well.  So I now retract my statement advocating that consideration 
should be given to returning to shots. I agree with Curtis, that among those 
who know, the pump really is the standard and shots are primitive.  Our 
family spent the first 2 years after diagnosis learning shots, only to have 
to crank it up again and learn the new pump system (because guess what - the 
shots didn't work).  We had more motivation and energy immediately following 
diagnosis, so why squander it on a system you will probably ditch anyway?  
Why wouldn't you learn carbs, insulin and everything else within the context 
of the pump system?  I've heard all the answers to this question, but I 
disagree with almost all of them.  I am tired of the attitude "only the best 
can handle the pump", so we have to see if you're good enough for it.  People 
shouldn't have to fight to go on a pump. The medical community needs to learn 
the pump system and lead their appropriate patient populations towards the 
pump; not away from it.  Give me a break.  If a reasonably intelligent family 
choses the pump at diagnosis, then they should have the opportunity.  Of 
course, we were never told about the pump at diagnosis.  Now to you, Sara.  
You are so convincing in your e-mails about the role of parents.  Then I 
think I read in one of your postings that you, yourself, are not a parent!  
Set me straight if I'm wrong about that.  If you don't have parenting 
experience, go easy on this one.  Being a teacher, counselor, or former child 
with parents, doesn't count. Take my word for it, parenting is really unique, 
complex and completely different from any other job on earth.  If you haven't 
been there, done that, you are only guessing.  
I feel better now.
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