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Re: [IP] Food for thought

Tell your endo to get a grip and check the thyroid (Yes, that thread again)
Exercise and diet do help, but what many people still don't realize is that
if we do not eat enough calories for the body's demand, our metabolism slows
down into a "starvation mode". Where it will try to conserve every calorie
it can get. simply because we eat too little.  There are folks I know who
are bigger than I am and they eat 1,000 cals a day.

Trying to maintain THIS (Hands sweeping down my body) on 1,000 cals a day
would be like trying to run the Queen ElizabethII on 2 pints of Salad oil
per day.  This is one of the reasons we as a nation are so obese, despite
"diet" this and "diet" that...We are not being kind to ourselves by eating
less and not exercising right.

Aerobic exercise and weight training (Not the 100lb dumbells, just a pair of
8lbs dumbells and a--for me--- 50lb barbell) along with a lean-ish diet
would get the metabolism revved up.

In the "battle of the Bulge" It isn't JUST food. It is our daily habits that
count too.

Pommy Mommy.
Jenny S.
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From: "David Dougherty"

Subject: RE: [IP] Food for thought

> I can identify with this! I eat far less than the charts say I should to
> sustain my current weight. I also walk for an hour 3 times a week,
> more.
------------Try cardio and light weight training.
In spite of this I am only losing between one and two pounds a month!
> I also reach spots where I don't seem to lose for several weeks,
------------AAAHHH! Plateus are rotten!

> pound comes off seemingly all of a sudden. It's very frustrating.----Yes,
it Is!

> David
 my endo has told me that I have a very deficient
metabolism and would always be a little overweight.  I think
for some, what
we eat is not the problem, I eat very little,
-------------Maybe that's part of the problem
I've even
gained weight on the
Weight Watcher's diet!  Even so, I'm still a size 16.  *sigh*
-------------How tall are you? I'm 5'8" and 170lbs, and wear a 16.
> RoseLea

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